PODCAST: Shed your tie for Mother Earth, Will Ferrell's beer of choice

There is a new plan to help save the planet and prevent global warming... by taking off your tie.

Italy's government has called for a confidence vote on a package of big budget cuts, a way to persuade global markets that the country can get its finances in order. Spain paid about 2 percentage points less in interest to borrow than Italy did just yesterday.

The number of people who last week sought unemployment benefits for the first time was down to 366,000. That's the lowest level in 3.5 years.

We also got word that wholesale prices were up slightly in November.

While winter officially starts a week from today here in the U.S., it'll be summer in the southern hemisphere. And in Chile, government officials say they have the perfect way men can help save the environment when it gets hot: Shed the tie. In a bunch of TV spots, the country's economic minister whips off his tie and unbuttons the top of his shirt. A tie-less society of men, the government says, will reduce the need for air conditioning. And dry-cleaning after lunch.

To some new local TV ads on the air in Davenport, Iowa that actor Will Ferrell wanted to do... for free. They're for Old Milwaukee Beer. It remains unclear is why Ferrell chose Davenport - or why he chose Old Milwaukee, which online beer reviewers give a D+.

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Mary Dooe is an associate producer, and works for both the radio and digital teams.


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