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Macy's CEO Terry Lundgren

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On October 28, 1858, Macy's opened its doors in New York City. Sales totaled $11.06 on that first day of business. Today, Macy's is the nation's top department store chain, with more than 800 stores in 45 states and annual sales of more than $26 billion. The retail behemoth operates four regional divisions: Macy's East, Macy's Central, Macy's Florida and Macy's West, and the Bloomingdale's chain.

Quaker businessman Rowland Hussey Macy founded Macy's as a dry goods store in downtown Haverhill, Mass. in 1851. New owners Isidor Straus and his brother Nathan Straus were at the helm by the time Macy's flagship store was moved to New York's Herald Square.

The company went public in 1922 and began a period of expansion outside of New York City. It acquired department stores in Atlanta, Newark, San Francisco and Kansas City, among other places. In the 1980s, Macy's opened stores in Houston, Dallas, Atlanta and several cities in Florida.

In 1994, Federated Department Stores merged with Macy's. And in February 2007 Federated Department Stores announced it was changing its corporate name to Macy's Group, Inc.

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Macy's is the worst company to deal with. My nighmare started back in October 2013 when I placed an order on line for 1 pair lucky brand shoes. When I received the order it was the wrong merchandise. I contacted customer service and was instructed on her to return item and that my correct merchandise would be sent and that I didn't need to do anything more. A few weeks passed and I recontacted Macy's regarding my order and was advised at thst time that no other order was placed but instead a gift card was issued. I informed them that I didn't want the gift card only wanted my merchandise. I was told the gift card was already mailed and that when I receive it return to sender. I then reordered shoes and paid with my Macy's credit card. In a few days I received two pair of lucky brand shoes as well as gift card. I then returned one of the items along with gift card. I received credit back to my account for the shoes however I never received credit back to my account for the gift card. I have called on several occasions requesting credit and keep being told that it was processed and would be applied to my account within 7 to 10 business days. To this date I still have not received my credit. I recently sent a certified letter in hopes of getting this resolved and still nothing. I am at the end of my rope with this account. If and when I receive that credit I will be paying my balance in full and closing account.

I am having the same problem! I ordered something, it didn't fit, I returned it through the post, and they sent me a gift card instead of issuing a credit back to my macy's card. I have been fighting it since Jan 10, 2014. I have just written a blog about it and am putting it everywhere http://wp.me/p4nNp8-C
I just emailed them again and told them I would be emailing them every other day until its taken care of. I am now in search of email addresses of Macy's Corporate staff and I am just going to link my blog to them. I will be as annoying to them as they have to me!

Recently, I placed an online Macy's order to be delivered to son & DIL in NJ near the Secaucus online center. The order was fine, but this week I, here in Oregon, got an extra men's item not ordered. My family got extra items too. My statement has charges totaling twice as much as my order. When I called, turned out a duplicate order was placed after that, and a supervisor I spoke to accused me of placing this duplicate order -- something I had no reason to do. I kept telling him I did not place this other order for the same things so he hung up on me after being really rude. I have now spent hours and hours on the phone trying to straighten this out. I'm afraid my account has been used fraudulently.

Why would I want all this trouble with extra items charged and sent all over the place? Only an idiot would place a duplicate order causing extra charges and extra items sent that need returning. My original order was erased and this duplicate one is now listed instead as if it were valid. It is not. None of us want these extra things that we now have to return. I certainly didn't want to spend all this time on the phone trying to resolve this only to be interrupted every time I said something. It appears to me that someone erred on my original order and tried to cover it up by writing "notes" hinting that I had placed this additional order, something the rude supervisor mentioned before hanging up. What doesn't make sense is why I would place a duplicate order and cause this much trouble for myself: additional items sent to sender and recipients; all of these items that must be returned and processed before they can be credited to my account; extra charges on my statement that I'm responsible for; about 10 hours in phone calls about this matter I had to make, some due to the supervisor whose rudeness forced me to make another call and wait all over again to speak to someone and be transferred several places again.

Then there are the people who are hard to understand over the phone. I'm not against immigrants -- I am one. My grandparents were Swedish immigrants who made their children speak proper English -- no ESL then. This is the official language here. Anyone can do this with a little effort; the US provides ESL free of charge. It should be up to employees to speak clearly to customers. I ran into several managers who could not speak understandably. Why would Macy's promote people who cannot do this? They get free ESL classes -- why not go.

All these problems resulting from this duplicate order, and Macy's staff think I would deliberately place this other order to cause this much trouble for myself? I find this whole thing disturbing and worry about whoever placed this order damaging my credit with all the trouble it caused.

It's a shame that Macy's pushes customer service as a priority, but when the time comes to actually take care of a customer I lose my job over it. As a former fine jewelry associate, personally I think Macy's is full of crap. The previous manager in the department of a Tampa Bay store didn't know what she was doing, and the other managers in the store didn't want to take responsibility. The previous manager got a promotion to a larger store. It just goes to show the whole management team in the Tampa Bay area needs to be looked at. The show Undercover Boss would be a great eye opener for CEO Terry Lundgren to take a look at the Sarasota-Bradenton stores when he comes down to his house near Sarasota, FL. If that would happen and he would talk with some of the employees, especially in the Bradenton FL store he would find out that the morale in the store is so low everybody is complaining. No wonder that this store got the lowest ratings off an employee survey in the whole region. With what I have been through, I will pay off my Macy's card and close it out. I will never buy anything at a Macy's store again. I will let neighbors and friends know what has transpired, hopefully they will stop shopping at Macy's also. My relatives in a different state have stopped shopping at Macy's and they have commented that it is not what it used to be. Basically what I'm saying is that something needs to be done, hopefully fire the whole management staff. Maybe you will get better results.

I hear all the comments and think it's about time that Macy's was held to account for there terrible customer support system.

I work for a well known U.S. production company, and during my free time I make short documentaries, some may say they are rather successful. I will be featuring Macy's in my next short, so look out for it, I promise to all disgruntled Macy's customers it will be worth the wait.

It will be called "The Great Macy's and Martha Stewart Casserole Cookware Calamity."
This will be a story about one mans struggle to replace his Martha Stewart Casserole Set, bought at Macy's in New York.

It will feature Macy's inability to deal with customers in the event of a product recall on Martha's dangerous dishes, how they insult there customers on the telephone, and have a total and complete lack of respect and understanding in THERE OWN CUSTOMER SERVICES POLICIES.

The ironic thing is, Macy's are suing Martha for trying to sell her wares at J.C. Penney's. It's just my opinion, but If your listening Martha, you should drop Macy's like the plague, J.C. Penney's are a million times better than these chimps, they have something called "CUSTOMER CARE."

You can watch my short documentary free on YouTube, Yahoo and at all good video streaming sites worldwide, in April 2012.

FACTS about Macy's and CEO Mr. Lundgren

Although many of the major companies have done away with gross-ups — money paid to top executives to cover taxes due from perks and bonuses, Macy's Inc. continued to engage in the practice in fiscal 2010. Terry Lundgren, the department store chain's chief executive, received about $33,500 in gross-up payments to cover $53,000 worth of merchandise he bought between November and December 2009.

Forbes state that in 2010, Mr. Lundgren's Compensation was a staggering $14,902,592.00

I just wonder why the mangers in dadelaand in Miami, FL has no respect for there associates. Especially in the jewelry department.

Apparently it's not just the managers in Dadeland, it's also their Customer Service associates. I had an incident with one of their CS associates on a waiver attempt for a $25 late fee, on a $30 balance. This was the first time that I was ever late with their payment. The guy was rude and unreasonable. I then told him I was going to close my account and return their credit cards. I paid the $25 fine plus the $30, and I closed my account and returned their credit cards. In retaliation Macy's reported me to the Credit Bureau and my credit rating went down from over 800 to the 700s. This I found out when I applied for a loan to buy a house. They never told me the were going to report me to the Credit Bureau . I am trying to find out if this is Macy's policy for a one time late payment. I find it rather cruel and unusual.

MACYS DISTROYED MY CREDIT i kept gitting the runaround every month i called getting transfered from india?overseas? us? everyone told me they would take care of the problem on my account, but it never happened, tryed to get ahold of TERRY LUNDGREN people in his office said they would look into, sent me a letter stating it was because i moved so many times, I'VE BEEN IN MY HOUSE FOR ALMOST 20 YEARS????? No one will take care of this I had a credit score of over 800 prior to MACYS

I like Macy's. I buy most of my clothes at Macy's. However, we have a problem that seems to be intractable. My brother-in-law, who lives in the Himalaya foothills in India 4 hr north of New Delhi with no phone, fax or email, was visiting in July, opened an a/c with Macy's when buying a $19 pair of trousers. The Macy's a/c bill arrived late after the closing date for payment so a late charge of $40 was added. We paid the whole amount and disputed the added charge. Macy's sent a letter saying the credit for the charge would be reflected in the next statement. However, the new statement has arrived with only a partial credit and a new charge of $37 added. My brother-in-law returned to India in August and will not return until July 2012. Macy's refuses to discuss the account with me and we are at an impass. The $19 pair of trousers, which have been paid for, have now cost $77 and the charges will continue to accrue at $48/month until next July when my brother-in-law returns. To say the Macy's customer service personnel were unhelpful would be an understatement. There is clearly another darker side to the Macy's that advertises so prominently in the national newspapers.

I over paid my Macy's account and now that I've ask for my refund, get the run around...I've faxed out verification that the payment cleared my bank account. I have had to send out the same fax 3 different times. For some reason it is conveniently loss or miss placed, the impression I have now is that Macy's does not want to give me my refund. Need to speak with someone who can assist me. I've been extremely disappointed with the customer service...I have shreded my card. Very Disappointed Rene'


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