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Monsanto CEO Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant is chairman of the board, president, and chief executive officer of Monsanto.

He joined the company as a product development representative for Monsanto's agricultural business in 1981. Within one decade, he rose to the management level, serving in a variety of senior positions and became CEO and president of the company in October 2003 after a 5-month search. Then Chairman Frank AtLee said that Grant played an instrumental role in the company's transition from a chemical-focused company into a biotechnology one.

Born in Larkhall, Scotland, Grant earned a bachelor's of science degree in agricultural zoology with honors at Glasgow University. He also earned a post-graduate degree in agriculture at Edinburgh University, and a master's of business administration at the International Management Centre in Buckingham, United Kingdom.

Grant is a director of PPG Industries, Inc., and a board member of the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center. He serves on the Board of Commissioners of the St. Louis Science Center, the Board of Trustees of Washington University, and is an international advisory board member of Scottish Enterprise. He also serves as a member of the President's Advisory Group of CropLife International and of Civic Progress in St. Louis.

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You people make me sick. Do you know how many people are fed in this world because of Monsanto? A part of nearly everything we consume is partially a product of Monsanto.

Monsanto must be destroyed! It's all just soo sickening. The way they screw around with Mother Nature. I hope that Hugh Grant dies!

Monsanto needs to be destroyed! DOWN WITH MONSANTO! EVIL TYRANTS!

Kai, Does Agent Orange ring a bell, Fat Boy,( "The bom" on Nagasaki ), all the cows that live 6 years instead of at least 12 years because they're injected with their grow-hormons? have you ever done some research in the internet about Monsanto? I have, a lot and Monsanto is worse than Adolf Hitler and Pol Pot together. read about their history, Google anti-Monsanto, don't let the crippled cows hold you back, the suicide-farmers, because they coul'nt afford the expensive seeds anymore.
Read and learn, Kai. Also read about what they do against Anti-Monsanto web-site's. Looks like they have a lot to hide.

OK, Kai. Time to get up off the floor - you let Hugh Grant rub your belly long enough. I've only recently become aware of Monsanto's shennanigans, and they horrify me. Surely you've read about this company's record? The dumping of PCB's? Modifying crops to produce infertile seeds,forcing the buying of more seed from Monsanto? The modifying of crops to tolerate more pesticide and herbicide (thereby getting more of it into us)? They sell those chemicals too, so they can't lose. The lobbying for legislation to prevent milk producers who don't use bovine hormones from labeling their products as such? Hopefully your listenership is informed enough that you can't just pass off this benign little interview without more reactions like mine.

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