Senator Rand Paul on opposing the health care law

U.S. Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) speaks during a news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.

Jeremy Hobson: We'll start with some reaction to the Supreme Court's historic ruling on President Obama's health care law.

Senator Rand Paul is a Republican from Kentucky who opposed the law and opposes the Supreme Court's decision on the law. Good morning.

Rand Paul: Good morning, glad to be with you.

Hobson: Well thanks for being here. I want to start by asking you about some comments that you made yesterday that have gotten a lot of attention. You said: "Just because a couple people on the Supreme Court declare something to be constitutional, does not make it so. The whole thing remains unconstitutional." Do you stand by that statement?

Paul: You know, I still agree with Scalia, Thomas, Kennedy and Alito that the Constitution doesn't justify the law.

Hobson: You're agreeing with the dissenters -- but that was not the ruling that the Supreme Court came down with.

Paul: Right, but that's all I'm saying, if if you ask Justice Scalia if he thinks the law is Constitutional, he'll still tell you "no." So I'm entitled to have my opinion as to what is constitutional and what is not. No one's talking about whether the ruling has validity or not, I'm just saying that I agree with the dissenters that don't believe the law is constitutional.

And I think Madison would also agree. Madison said that the laws -- you know, when we talk about the tax and spending power, that it's regulated by the enumerated powers that are given to Congress. That the powers are enumerated doesn't mean that you can have any sort of tax that you want to do any sort of policy you'd like.

Hobson: But you respect the ruling now that it's the law of the land?

Paul: Yeah, nobody's questioning the law, and nobody's questioning the Supreme Court. So all the ridiculous left-wing bloggers need to get a clue. All I'm saying is that I agree with Scalia that I don't believe the law was constitutional.

Hobson: Well what is the next step for you, Senator, in terms of getting this law repealed -- which I assume you want to do now?

Paul: In that we need the ballot box, and I think this is going to energize the Conservative base; the Tea Party wing of our party. I predict that you're going to see increasingly larger and larger crowds as we talk about trying to have an election where we overturn this. And by saying "overturn" this, it still doesn't mean we actually overturn the ruling. There are a lot of things that could probably be deemed constitutional that we don't have. But we can repeal this through an election.

Hobson: Senator Rand Paul is a Republican of Kentucky. Thank you so much for talking with us.

Paul: Thank you.


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It's astonishing to me how Marketplace has focused almost entirely on people and businesses who are unhappy with this law, rather than any of the 30 million people who are helped by this law. In my small circle of friends, there is a mother whose 3 children, college grads ages 22-25, are now covered by her health insurance, which was not possible before. I know another mother with cancer whose insurance company told her, "You've reached the cap--no more coverage. Ever." Just try getting insurance when you have cancer. Or are pregnant.
The nadir of Marketplace's biased reporting came this AM when the sole interviewee was someone in Georgia who owned a restaurant, and who now worried that costs would go up. How about asking some of the EMPLOYEES of the restaurant, who might now obtain health insurance? How about looking at statistics of churn in restaurant employees, as they look for employment that will offer health insurance if they get sick or injured? Come on, Marketplace. We have Obamacare now. Rand Paul can rant all he wants, but it's the law. Why not focus on its benefits as well as its critics? Or, are you still bemoaning the fact that we have laws forcing the restaurant in Georgia to serve black people?

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