Frum: This election, vote GOP

Commentator David Frum.


Kai Ryssdal: A dynamic political system takes all kinds. It takes the press people on the inside of the campaigns -- the communicators -- whose jobs it is to get the candidate's message out. It takes pollsters to count noses and tell us who's up and who's down. And it takes pundits to tell us what to think.

As we continue our series on the people behind the machinery of politics, one of our regular pundits: commentator David Frum. He's weighed in on just about everything this election cycle. And so today, why he has decided to vote the way he will.

David Frum: I know, I know, I know! There's Christine O'Donnell, Rand Paul and Sharron Angle. Never mind Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin and Fox News. There's the crazy guy in Texas who says that revolution is "on the table." And anyway, what kind of fiscally conservative party campaigns on a pledge to protect Medicare exactly as it is?

Yet I will, nevertheless, be voting the straight Republican ticket on Nov. 2, and here's why: The Obama Administration has launched more big bold initiatives than any administration since Lyndon Johnson's, from health care reform through Afghanistan.

Now ask yourself this: Which of these measures has produced the results promised? Of them all, in fact, there's only one that has done the job -- and that was a continuation of a Bush-era policy, the Troubled Asset Relief Program. TARP averted a second Great Depression. But the Obama stimulus did not ignite job creation. Health care reform will increase the number of insured Americans somewhat, at enormous cost, but it will not slow cost inflation. It will mean higher subsidies and more taxes. The auto bailout is just plain bad economic policy. More disappointments.

The financial regulation fix ignored as "too hard" -- the status of the government mortgage lenders, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. "Green jobs" is an excuse for government boondoggles. Meanwhile, the crucial goal of energy security is no closer today than two years ago.

We need a change of course. And ironically, the biggest winner from such a change might be the president himself. Again and again, this president has excessively deferred to Democrats in Congress. He let them write his stimulus and his health care bill.

Obama won't defer to Republicans, which means a big Republican win will not only redirect the country, it will also remind this president that it's his job to lead, not just preside.

Ryssdal: David Frum is editor of FrumForum. In earlier days, he was a speechwriter for President George W. Bush. Next week in this slot, our regular commentator Robert Reich. Your opinions are always welcome, no matter when.

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I can't believe Frum went unchallenged. It is YOUR job, the media, to put facts before any agenda. Kai R. prompts his guest with "He's weighed in on just about everything this election cycle. And so today, why he has decided to vote the way he will" A mediocre journalist would have predicted he would vote republican and would have facts to challenge untrue statements. If you ask Rachel Maddow the same question you should have questions prepared for a partisan speech as well. It is journalism 101. Like Jon Stuart put it... Politicians and pundits are like monkeys. They can't help but fling their poop. The media should be the zookeeper saying "Bad monkey!" Marketplace failed horribly at this just now. Please fix it. Don't let this undo a reputation you have earned with hard work and good journalism.

Oh good lord, David, what a load of hogwash.

The Republicans have *promised* to enact the same policies now, should they assume power, that they enacted (or tried to enact) the last time they were in power. And as you may recall, that didn't work out so well.

The Republicans have stated that their "number one priority" is to bring down President Obama. Not fix the country's fiscal problems; not deal with the foreclosure mess; not pull us out of (or escalate) the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; not deal with the continuing jobs issue. Nope; they want to bring down Obama.

And don't even get me started about your incorrect facts on the various points of Obama's agenda.

You're voting Republican because you vote Republican, period. That's fine, but your rationalizations are pretty lame.

Following up on my comment yesterday.

Kai, you seem not to have resigned yet, nor even apologized.
Are you saving that for today's show? Headline or epilog?

The Obama Administration has launched more big bold initiatives than any administration since Lyndon Johnson's, from health care reform through Afghanistan.

You are full of doggy poo David. I have read enough of your work to know you don't believe this. You are just another partisan hack pretending to have considered your vote. You never did. HCR was not some bold initiative and I know that you know it. It is a sad thing to see you so patently lying. Afghanistan plan is a bold initiative too? Coming from such a neo-con as you, I can't even laugh at this garbage..

The auto bailout wasn't a failure... Makes me wonder what other "facts" you're being casual about...

Mr. Frum may be entitled to his opinion but not his own facts. TARP was a GOP manuever that, instead of disciplining banks that almost brought us to ruin, rescued them with taxpayer billions. The banks then rewarded themselves with millions and now are back to minting more bonuses, thanks to the US taxparyer. The TARP saved financial jobs. I don't hear Frum criticiz8ing that excess.

Obama launhed the stimulus which saved millions of jobs (check the factcheck site which uses CBO data). Stimulus money did NOT result in million dollar bonuses.

Paul Krugman, an esteemed economist, argues that it wasn't big enough and, if it were bigger, we would have an explansion instead of deflation.

The health care initiative was blunted by GOP intransigence. It was the best that Obama could get. It hasn't even taken effect yet and is already under attack.

Frum, a Canadian, gets his medical care for free. Give an American a break and lay off the sniping.

After Frum got bruised by the American Enterprise Institute, I thought he might see his way past the slogans and dogma. I was wrong. Put Mr. Frum in timeout until he at least gets his facts straight.

You've done a real disservice to folks looking for fair and objective news policy. "Next week" isn't the time to run the opposing view.

"The Obama Administration has launched more big bold initiatives than any administration since Lyndon Johnson's".

Big bold initiatives. Isn't that just another way of describing the role of a leader? Guess I'm confused here. Was this guy honestly hoping for small insignificant initiatives from the President of the United States? Regardless of your political orientation, this just doesn't make any sense.

I can't believe Marketplace would promote this sort of one-sided partisan nonsense.

Unlike Mr. Frum, I am voting a straight Democratic ticket. I know that Joe Miller handcuffed a reporter who asked a question he didn't like, Carl Paladino exercises his right to free speech and pornographic e-mails, Christine O'Donnell doesn't understand that the phrase “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof” establishes a separation of church and state, and that Sharron Angle believes in “Second Amendment remedies” to election results – and that's part of it.

But while I support the rights of people to run for office; what really concerns me is the support people like Miller, Paladino, Angle, and O'Donnell have gotten from Fox News and the organizations funded by extraordinarily wealthy individuals such as Charles and David Koch, Rupert Murdoch, and the Saudi Prince Alaweed bin Talal. But again, that's only part of it.

Where I live, in central New Jersey, the incumbent Mayor recently asked the municipality to use “Farmland Preservation” funds buy the development rights to his farm. There is nothing wrong with that, however, it has been alleged that the Mayor may have used his position to exclude from consideration other parcels. The Mayor is a Republican. My Representative in the House, a Democrat, has consistently voted to support the rights of citizens. His opponent, a Republican, believes that unemployment benefits should be capped as “something below minimum wage” because “life isn't fair.” So tech support people or computer programmers who were paid $50, 000 or $80,000 but who find themselves unemployed because their former employers wants to take advantage of “labor arbitrage” and hire people in India or Phillipines, should be able to survive on $12,000 or $15,000?

I would tax companies that outsource. I would mandate that any company that wants to do business with the government must maintain significant operations in the United States. That is a bit to the left of my Honorable Representative. However, he helps create tax credits for small business, stops banks from charging unfair credit card fees, has helped make a college education more affordable.

And in recognition that wealthy people sometimes find themselves on airplanes, in hospitals, stores, limos, and in other ways use the infrastructure of this country; I would eliminate the Bush Tax cuts for people making over $250,000 per year.

Frum is all giddy because his republican buddies may win some elections. Then we will see LESS getting done in congress and more obstruction which will lead to more public outrage. A point will be reached when someone (could be either a republican or democrat) will open a window and shout "Iam as mad as hel! and I'm not going to take this anymore! hopefully this will be the start of something great for this country. If not, then we are in big trouble.....


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