Car crash videos you can't stop watching, and why Russian corruption is to blame

You're wondering...perhaps...how it is that we've got so many great videos of that meteorite over Russia?

Turns out there's so much corruption over there in the courts and in law enforcement in particular that the only protect yourself against false charges or claims of liability is to have proof. Hence everybody has a dash-cam in their cars.

And some of the videos they wind up with -- Russians not being the world's best drivers -- are not to be believed.

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The car crashes are perhaps the most common form of accidents taking place now a days. Peoples are loosing life due to this and there are many loosing part of there body. These accidents don't only kill the one who have done mistake while driving there are others too who is not directly involved by they get killed as well. Car makers are making safety equipments to decrease the losses in such accidents. There are many who lost there life due to problems in car so it's wiser to get your car serviced regularly.

Road accidents are one of the biggest man-made disasters. This takes the lives of around lakhs of people every year. Distracted driving is one of the main causes of accidents. Talking over phone along with driving can be dangerous, so the driving should be done with full concentration. The other causes of accidents can be speed, overtaking other vehicles, not following the traffic rules. Car battery failure and engine failure also can cause accidents. So the battery must be replaced within 2 to 3 years. And also the servicing of car should be done at regular time intervals.

In today's world most of the peop0les are dying due to car crash. In car crash more than two vehicles are collides together or a car collides with tree or utility poles. The car crash was happened due to lack of knowledge regarding car driving,drinking alcohol while driving,not obeying the traffic rules,over taking other vehicles and due to more speed of car the driver cant control himself to stop the vehicle as a result the car collides with another car or thing.. To reduce the no of accidents, peoples should follow the traffic rules,should wear the seat belts,should drive at minimum speed etc.

Car accident and problems for the people is a big issue now, so how can we avoid these things is important. Every where you can get the accident and people face more problems like the insurance, medical problems. Rough driving, drunken drive and use the mobiles at the time of driving so these causes problem for the accident. A careful drive by following the traffic rules give a safe journey always.

I have watched the video presented here. Really I can not understand why we people are not going to learn something from these things. Car crash is a very dangerous thing and we have to avoid such things. In the video mentioned here we can visualize that for funny mistakes severe accidents take place. So, to avoid accidents first we have to drive carefully as well as safely. Next thing we have to consider is that when we are drunk we are not supposed drive and if we do so then our balance may fail and it can results accident. Now, the most important thing that is because of the vehicle breakdown the driver lost control on the vehicle and it results accident. So, in regular time interval it is preferable to do proper servicing of the car from a good and reliable repair center. Below I am going to place a link of the car repair center in Portland that provides better repair and servicing of the car that also with reliable price. The link goes below:

Car crash is a big problem in the city areas because of the unaware drivers and the traffic system . After an accident the court case continues for a long time till that time some more accidents happens. In order to prevent this the government has to be wake up and solve these issues. Some rules should be rewarded like
1. The traffic should be very strict.
2. Drunk and driving should be banned from the city areas.
3. The judiciary system should be very strict and all the cases should be solved in very short time period.
Further information regarding the car crash and its maintain details you can gather from
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