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The bill

Jan 20, 2006
I've found myself completely fascinated by the receipts you get after you pay for dinner here....
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CQ's finest

Jan 19, 2006
A few days ago I got a chance to visit a local high school class (actually called middle schools here). Of course, it turned out it wasn't just...
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Reporting on China's Disenfranchised: The Great Land Grab

Jan 18, 2006
First thing this morning, the phone rang....
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On the Culinary Edge

Jan 17, 2006
I’m usually an adventurous traveler, particularly when it comes to eating. My family traveled lot when I was a kid and my sister and I were...
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Getting around in Chongqing

Jan 16, 2006
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Good Morning Chongqing

Jan 16, 2006
As many of my colleagues have described - working on this project has often meant working long hours. During our stay in Shanghai, it meant some of...

What happens on the overnight...

Jan 15, 2006
There's a saying at Marketplace - "what happens on the overnight, stays on the overnight." The overnight is the shift the producers and hosts of...
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How many people does it take to make radio?

Jan 14, 2006
So it occurs to me…as we’re wait to check in for our flight to Chongqing…that you might not be aware of who’s here actually helping the show get on...

Chongqing is the biggest city in the world (on a technicality)

Jan 13, 2006
The other night I was in a cab on the elevated highway that bisects Shanghai. It was the last night of the third and final trip I've made to the...
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Shanghai Mornings

Jan 12, 2006
We've been working 12- and 14-hour days, every day. It's starting to catch up, and I'm occasionally feeling like the mountain climber who forgot to...
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