Reporter's notebook: Behind 'Beyond payday loans'

Join Marketplace' s Mitchell Hartman and ProPublica's Paul Kiel as they share behind-the-scenes moments behind their investigative series on a lucrative niche in the consumer finance market: the installment loan. 

The installment loan is different than a payday loan

In some cases, this type of loan can hook borrowers for years.  Think of it as a spiral of debt, in which borrowers repay parts of the loan, refinance the rest, and then start back at zero.  It can turn into a constant cycle of refinancing, repaying, and refinancing.   

Mitchell and Paul speak on how their reporting came about and how together, they connected a myriad of dots — between borrowers and lenders, between former employees and industry tactics and between the fine print of a loan document and the actual money owed.

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About the author

Nancy Farghalli is an editor at Marketplace.
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