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SCOTT JAGOW: This morning, a new masthead at the newsstand: 'The Times of London' begins publishing in New York. But a brand-new paper when other publishers are laying off staff? Marketplace's Ethan Lindsey explains.

ETHAN LINDSEY: Robert Thomson is the editor of the Times of London. He says the fact that American newspapers are struggling is exactly why his paper is expanding stateside.

ROBERT THOMSON: Too many newspapers have been reducing the size of their foreign correspondent corps, while at the same time we've been increasing ours.

Thomson worked for the Financial Times when the salmon-colored paper launched a US edition in the late '90s.

The FT focuses on global business. The Times will cater to readers who want better foreign coverage of arts, culture and sports.

THOMSON: The World Cup is about to start and there are people in the US who persist in calling football 'soccer.' Within a few months, what will be known as soccer mums in the states will be known as football mums.

Readers who want soccer reporting, they'll have to stick with their American paper.

I'm Ethan Lindsey for Marketplace.

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Ethan Lindsey is the senior digital editor for Marketplace.


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