Why Twitter is going public now

Twitter is coming soon to a stock exchange near you. The company announced Thursday, in a tweet, naturally, that it’s filing for an initial public offering. That sets up one of the most anticipated IPOs since Facebook went public last year. Twitter’s public offering is something investors have anticipated for some time.

“I wouldn’t wait if I were them,” says tech analyst Rob Enderle. “Things have a tendency of going bad in this market and right now is probably the best time.”

Some expected a Twitter IPO sooner. But a rough ride for other tech companies that went public seems to have shown the virtue of patience to a company built on instant communication.

Facebook’s IPO was troubled from Day One. But with Facebook’s stock finally in decent shape, Twitter now likes its own chances on the stock market. The billions it raises could help Twitter build its ad business by buying up other companies, hiring more staff and spending more money marketing.

About the author

Mark Garrison is a reporter and substitute host for Marketplace, based in New York.


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