Ultrasound that fits in your pocket

The vScan, an ultrasound machine the size of a smartphone -- by General Electric


Bill Radke: General Electric is out with a new gadget. As early as today, GE is expected to release vScan -- an ultralight, ultaportable machine that does ultrasounds. Marketplace's Jennifer Collins reports one of these machines may be coming to a doctor's office near you.

Jennifer Collins: For years, technicians have been wheeling around bulky machines to hear this sound:

[Sound of an ultrasound]

Now GE, Siemens and others are marketing sonogram devices that cost up to $10,000, but fit in your pocket.

Charlotte Henningsen: They're not much bigger than an iPhone.

Charlotte Henningsen represents sonographers. She says the machines could help relief workers like in Haiti and doctors in the emergency room.

Henningsen: They might have a patient who comes in and has a bounding abdomen and they might set that transducer down and see that there's a very large aneurysm.

The North American ultrasound market is worth more than a billion dollars a year. Market researcher Nadim Daher is with Frost & Sullivan:

Nadim Daher: The handheld unit is a totally new market and an opportunity to continue to grow.

But doctors say the tiny devices require training and still need a lot of fine-tuning.

I'm Jennifer Collins for Marketplace.

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Jennifer Collins is a reporter for the Marketplace portfolio of programs. She is based in Los Angeles, where she covers media, retail, the entertainment industry and the West Coast.
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This would be a wonderful tool for veterinarians, especially large animal vets who travel to their clients.

Technology advances in diagnostic ultrasound instruments is truly amazing. But, like the violin, the end result is only as good as the operator. To date, there are no federal laws governing the education or training of those who operate these instruments. The public deserves better medical care assurances than this!

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