Tesla vs. Fisker: Why some electric carmakers break down and others don't

A visitor inspects a Fisker electric car during the 83rd Geneva Motor Show on March 6, 2013 in Geneva, Switzerland.

The electric car company Fisker Automotive has laid off three quarters of its employees and reports suggest a bankruptcy filing is near. The Fisker Karma sports car can toggle between electric and gasoline-assisted power, but the company hasn't made one since last summer. Fisker's financial troubles are especially controversial because the company received federal subsidies, money that -- in retrospect -- doesn't seem well spent to some.

Slate tech writer Will Oremus joins Marketplace Tech host David Brancaccio to discuss Fisker and why its different from Tesla Motors.

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Will Oremus is a tech blogger for Slate.
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Alternatives to relatively low cost and proven Fully-Electric/Plug-in Hybrid cars (Nissan Leaf/Chevrolet Volt) will remain a Distraction at best and only helps to delay the adoption of Electron base Personal Transports on the Global Markets.

These so called startups should also take a page from Post-WWI Germany. There will not be any reliable “Data-Point” in any reality of scale when the Price of a Personal Transport exceeds an average worker’s income for a year!

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