Yahoo! is reading your emails and still forcing me to type that stupid exclamation point at the end of its name*

Yahoo! is drawing the ire of a consumer lobby group called Which? (you'd think the two companies would get along given their shared penchant for irksome punctuation) over its new practice of scanning the contents of user emails to serve up ads. Yahoo! recently rolled out its new, optional spam filter as part of an email upgrade. If you choose to use the new version of email, you also give Yahoo! consent to pull keywords from your emails so they can better target ads. Or you can opt out of that. Google, of course, has been doing the same thing with Gmail for years and years now, which is why some people use Yahoo! in the first place. Microsoft, for its part, says they don't read or scan any hotmail user emails.

*You've been around for years, Yahoo!, maybe stop yelling now.

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