Xoom successor already planned

You know what? I give up. Don't buy a tablet. That's my advice. At least don't buy one until all the retailers start advertising every single tablet as "Tomorrow's Outdated Model". The latest buzz is that Motorola is about to stop production of the current version of the Xoom tablet. "Isn't the Xoom the tablet that they just started selling last month?" Why yes it is, incredulous reader. But that was before the iPad 2 came out and set a new standard for tablets and one that Motorola must now follow with the impending Xoom 2. So if you bought a Xoom thinking it was state of the art, I hope you enjoyed your month or so of believing that.

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Aha I agree, I believe this market just evolves to fast right now and they are really pushing it to make just everyone very hype about it.

I thought I was going to buy a tablet because it was practical and could make me save paper (also i hate holding newspapers). I was at first hesitating between the Kindle and the infamous iPad, but then other tablets came out, like the samsung galaxy. Until last week, I hadn't notice the Xoom much, thinking it was just another toy, but after reading the Internet, I actually realized how "good" it was. This just me curious though about whether they were already planning a successor tablet to it and this is how I ended up with your article, which i find very true about the tablet market right now. I think i'll make more research about the Xoom 2, but probably buy the first one anyways, since it does what i need. And frankly, it's like buying a 2011 or 2010 car, same business, save 50%.

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