World of Warcraft makes you smarter

Remember that book, Everything Bad Is Good For You? There may be something to that, at least if we are to believe a flood of recent stories. In the last several days, we’ve heard how eating dessert for breakfast makes you lose weight, how posting party pictures for public display on Facebook can help you land a job, and today brings news that playing World of Warcraft can make you smarter. But only if you’re older and not very smart to begin with.

From the LA Times:

Researchers asked 39 adults ages 60 to 77 to play World of Warcraft for roughly two hours a day over a two-week period. They gave the test group a cognitive exam before the two-week period began, and again after the two weeks were up. They also had a control group of adults who did not play the game.
The researchers found that two weeks of playing World of Warcraft didn't have much effect on the cognitive abilities of the people who had scored well on the baseline test, but there was significant improvement in both spatial ability and focus for the participants who scored low on the initial test.

The researchers tried to get funding from Blizzard, the company that makes the online roll playing game but was unsuccessful.

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good article, interesting theory. i play wow too, and can think of some possible reasons, but first it really depends on the lifestyle on the person before playing wow. Did they play video games before? PC games really rely on hand/eye coordination with the mouse, monitor, and keyboard. Then with the mmorpg environment of wow, you also need some fast, critical thinking skills. You won't get these skills watching television or most classes in the school system.

If this is the case, the guys over at http://www.ige.com/ must be freakin' geniuses because all they do is play that game to sell its wow gold. Another thing is that WoW teaches players a bit about monetary dependence. There are no loans from bankers in wow.

"Role", not "roll". Credibility hit. Roll 2D20 and multiply result for loss.

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