Windows 8 will be a “disaster”, says Valve

I don’t mean that a talking valve said that, I mean someone from the company named Valve.
Although a mouth is a talking valve when you think about it.
I’m going to start over.
Gabe Newell from the video game company Valve worked at Microsoft for over a decade and now he says that the upcoming Windows 8 operating system will be disastrous for the PC industry. Windows has traditionally been an open platform, anyone can build software to run on it. But Windows 8 is equipped with a Microsoft branded app store, meaning the emphasis will be placed on apps that have been approved by Microsoft, through which Microsoft can take a big cut.

From the BBC:

This could be a significant threat to the massively successful Steam online game store that Valve runs and which gives it a commission on every title sold through the online market.
A Windows Store closed to everyone but Microsoft might reduce the range of games available for sale through Steam.
Windows 8's links with Microsoft's Xbox Live online game service could also dent the appeal of Steam for many people.

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