White House embraces Android too

Geez, took them long enough. The White House has had an iPhone app available since January of 2010 that's been downloaded 400,000 times. Now the same app is coming to Android. The new app also has a new feature that can send an alert if the President is about to speak and gives you an option to watch the speech live on your device. One wonders, as the Obama goes into a much more aggressive campaign mode in the next 18 months if there will be a distinction between official presidential speeches and campaign speeches.
Last Thursday, the president complained about White House technology, not knowing a microphone was on. "I always thought I was going to have like really cool phones and stuff," he said, according to the news outlet. "We can't get our phones to work." He also said that the White House is "like 30 years behind" in technology, according to CBS News.
U.S. CIO Vivek Kundra echoed Obama's frustration in a statement released earlier this week about the president's comments. "The President is absolutely right," he said. "When we came into office, federal IT was undeniably broken."

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