What’s old is still old, and you’ll pay a hefty price for it.

Have you heard the next MacBook might be made of liquid metal. And the new iPhones might have larger screens. Oh, and are you still talking about Apple TV rumors, because that’s sooo January. Those things are like a sure thing by now.

People make their livings off of whispering about Apple product, but if you’re fed up with it all, maybe you should pay a visit to Adam Goolevitch. He makes his living in Apple’s past selling and restoring vintage Apple computers.

Cult of Mac talked to Goolevitch:

My first Lisa 1 I bought from a former Apple developer for $800 USD when I was 21 years old. At this time, it cost $1.57 Canadian dollars to buy 1 US dollar. This Lisa subsequently sold for $10,000 USD on eBay; almost 16,000 CAD. That was the down payment on a house that my brother and I bought together. Over the years, I have restored eight Lisa 1 computers, about 25 Lisa 2s, some Apple IIs, and many early Macs.

Even if you don’t know what a Lisa 1 is (it’s a pre-Mac Apple computer from the 80’s, by the way), doesn’t it make you feel a little better knowing that it exists? There’s no speculation about whether the next Lisa will have a color monitor or a touch screen. The answer is no, the next Lisa will always live in the past, and it’s going to stay that way.

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