Vote or die (or comment on your friend’s baby picture)

While some states are enacting stricter voter id laws, Washington is taking a different approach. Next week government officials say they will debut a Facebook app, created by Microsoft, that will help residents of Washington register to vote. Tech-savvy state citizens have been using the Internet to register to vote since 2009, but now they won’t have to do all that searching around. Just go to Facebook (as if they weren’t there already) and Like the app to get started. Engadget reports:

… residents looking at using it will need to allow Facebook access to their personal info and provide a driver's license number or state ID number, which the social network will use to put them on the voter rolls -- but it would have no access to government databases, according to an election director.

And it’s cheap. According to Shane Hamline, Washington’s co-director of elections, online registration saves anywhere from $0.50 to $2 per registration, depending on the county.

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