The USB Condom: unfortunate name, important innovation

Two Motorola employees tranfer data between two of Motorola's Moto X as the American-manufactured smartphone is unveiled August 1, 2013 at a news conference in New York. Are phones protected from viruses when they connect this way too?? 

With all the recent talk about surveillance and online security...this is an interesting idea: A USB Condom. It's a piece of tech that makes sure you are protected from viruses when you have to plug your smartphone USB cord into an unfamiliar computer or charging station for a little juice after your battery has died. The problem being solved even has its own term: juice jacking. This issue is that USB cables connect for both power and data. The USB Condom puts up a wall so the data bits from the phone and its partner never touch. 

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Ben Johnson is the host of Marketplace Tech.
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