Timeline apps (“Timelapps”?)

In the haze of SOPA blackouts yesterday, Facebook announced apps for Timeline. 60 new apps were rolled out, all trying to get you to share more and be more social. In other words, Facebook wants you to spend more time on Facebook, because the metric it uses to sell more ads. From PC Magazine: “Partners include app vendors in the travel, food, entertainment, fitness, and giving spaces, plus others like Ford or Chegg: they include Foodspotting, Gogobot, Airbnb, Tripadvisor, Causes, Pinterest, and Digg, among others. Ticketing partners include Ticketmaster, TicketFly, StubHub, ScoreBig, and Eventbrite.”

As always, when you add apps to your profile, or Timeline, or whatever I’m supposed to call it now, make sure to check the privacy settings. You might be the kind of person that wants everybody to know every time you finish a five mile run with your RunKeeper app, but broadcasting that post-run sundae through the Foodspotting app might want to be your little secret.

For those of you keeping score, we have now mentioned “Chegg” two days in a row!

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