Tatooine discovered

NASA scientists have long thought there could be a planet out there that orbits two suns, and now they have proof. It's 200 light years away and extremely cold (more like Hoth), but it's out there. The planet was found with the Kepler telescope and dubbed Kepler-16b.

Scientists are now going to determine the following things:

  • How much for that R2 unit.

  • How long it takes to get to Tosche Station to get some power converters.

  • How much smaller than two meters the womp rats were that Luke used to bull's-eye in his T-16.

  • What's under a Jawa's hood.

  • What's under a Sandperson's bandages.

  • Why it takes a Sarlacc a thousand years to digest something, because that seems like a really inefficient metabolic process.

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