Tablets and phones: let’s do the numbers

In fact, let’s do them from Apple’s point of view. First, the tablets. (CUE “WE’RE IN THE MONEY”) Research firm IHS iSuppli says the iPad continued its dominance and expanded its lead, Usain Bolt-like, sprinting ahead of the field, possibly with Bolt’s unnerving look of nonchalance. It shipped 17 million iPads in the quarter, that’s an increase of 44% from the first quarter. Keep in mind, Apple dropped a new iPad in March. Apple now owns almost 70% of the tablet market. The big loser, the big Stormy Weather player in tablets was Amazon as Kindle shipments dropped 13 percent because there was no Christmas in that quarter, which is when everyone seems to give everyone else Kindles.
Don’t get too smug, Apple, because here comes the bad news in phones. (CUE “STORMY WEATHER”). Gartner analyst Anshul Gupta says people aren’t buying a whole lot of new smartphones right now but when they are buying them, they’re buying Samsung.
From the Washington Post:
Samsung extended its lead as the world’s top smartphone maker in the last quarter, up 29.5 percent from the first three months of the year, the firm found. On the other hand, sales of Apple’s iPhone — while up 47.4 percent from the same time last year — fell 12.6 percent from the previous quarter.
Of course, Apple does have We’re In The Money cued up and ready to go for next month when it’s expected to announce a new iPhone, which might be called the iPhone 5 or maybe just “the new iPhone”. It’s also expected to announce a new smaller iPad for the holiday season. 

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