Sprint may be ending the unlimited data party

Dan Hesse, the CEO of Sprint (the George Harrison of wireless carriers) says he doesn't know how much longer Sprint can afford to offer unlimited data plans: "Every few months we take a look, we take a look at tonnage, and we take a look at all the things we're doing to offload tonnage ... we'll just continue to monitor it. Nothing is forever ... [but] we think it's a terrific opportunity to differentiate ourselves in the market."

Let me run that through the CEO translator program I got here... ah yes, here we go:


Hesse also had harsh words for the proposed merger of Paul and Ringo, saying that a world dominated by John and "Pringo" (I'm stretching the analogy, stay with me) would mean the end of the wireless industry in America. He added, "If this thing goes through I hope you like 4G, because it's going to be the last generation America ever gets."

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