Sony in big trouble with PS Vita

Oof, this is not going well for Sony. The PlayStation Vita is the company’s big bet on the video game future, the follow up to the fairly successful, PSP, the competitor to Nintendo’s solidly successful 3DS. But it’s kind of a bomb so far. It's had two firmware updates since launch. During Vita’s first week on sale in Japan, the device sold 320,000 units but as with movies you have to check the second week to see how sales went after word of mouth got out. Second week for Vita: just 72,000. Choppy seas ahead, too. Sony is pricing Vita at $250 for the US launch in February and some of the games are going for fifty dollars a pop. For that price, you could get a Kindle Fire or an iPod touch and still have fifty bucks left over. Are there enough hard core gamers who aren’t satisfied by current offerings AND have $250 sitting around?


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