Something screwy is going on with the Yahoo CEO’s resume

The joyfully exclamatory name Yahoo! continues to be weighed down by irony as that company wades through layoffs, diminishing relevance, and CEO problems. After CEO Carol Bartz was canned, the spot was filled with Scott Thompson, a former top exec at PayPal. But Thompson’s resume had errors on it, specifically the Yahoo! site said that he had a degree in “accounting and computer science” from Stonehill College. It was brought to light by the hedge fund Third Point, which is engaged in a battle over the makeup of Yahoo!’s board.

From CNET:

Third Point CEO Daniel Loeb said in a letter to Yahoo's board that Thompson received a degree in accounting from Stonehill College but not "accounting and computer science," as stated on the Yahoo company Web site. During inquiries on the matter, Third Point learned that Stonehill College did not even offer computer science degrees when Thompson graduated.

So what happens now? Does Thompson resign?

Incidentally, “Scott Thompson” is also the name of one of the Kids In The Hall and the real name of this guy:


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