Sims on Facebook growing fast

Mashable reports that the Facebook version of the classic reality game The Sims is popular and getting more popular. 4.6 million people are playing it every day and it just launched last week. Mashable predicts that The Sims will overtake all the Zygna games and be at the top of the charts next month. One of the reasons people like it: they can use their pretend person to interact with their friend's pretend person. That's kind of a new concept but is also PLAYING WITH DOLLS.

Says Mashable:

You're not actually interacting with your friends in real time, but you can view a video replay of what happened when their Sims came over to your Sim's house. If their Sim is mean and wants to become an official enemy of yours -- or is flirtatious enough to take the relationship to the next level -- you have to approve it first.

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