Samsung Galaxy S III launches today

Come to find out yesterday that Apple and Samsung combined now make up over 50% of smartphone sales. Samsung is becoming the established number two in the market. It’s still very much the Art Garfunkel or John Oates in comparison to Apple but still: in the band. Samsung’s 2pm eastern today launch of the Galaxy S III is kind of a big deal because Samsung is lookingn toward it as the flagship product in its line. The Galaxy S III is Android, of course, and has a quad core processor, the physics of which I won’t explain to you but it should be turbo bonkers fast.

It should also have a 4.8 inch screen, which is really quite huge in comparison to the iPhone’s 3.5 inch screen. Also a 12 megapixel camera and the Ice Cream Sandwich operating system.

Now, is this the iPhone killer? No. But is it the killer of all besides the iPhone? Maybe. If Samsung has its way, this would be the clear alternative to the Apple Monster.

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