Rumor roundup (yee-ha!) on tomorrow’s Apple event

Apple’s holding a big event tomorrow at the Guggenheim(?!) in New York at which they are expected to announce...something... to do with e-books and textbooks. Exactly what that something is, we don’t know for sure, but that certainly won’t stop the speculation.

CNET speculates that it could be digital textbooks, something Steve Jobs reportedly was thinking about a lot, according to the Walter Isaacson biography. The question then would be whether the new books would be made to run on iPad, all Apple devices, or some new device.

Ars Technica said earlier this week that it expects a Garage Band-type self-publishing platform. There’s also the possibility that Apple will announce some new iPads-in-schools initiative. Seems pretty doubtful that iPad 3 will be announced tomorrow, smart money is heading toward a March debut for that one.


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