I'm not sure where the president of Zynga lives but I assume it's on a skull shaped island
somewhere with a massive laser cannon and mind control ray. Because dude's an evil genius. Zynga, maker of Farmville, Cityville, and other social games, has launched a new program called Rewardville. When you're playing one of their games, you can now earn points that can be used across all other games. The more time you spend playing, the more points you can get. That way you have a head start in a game other than the one you're playing so you can neglect your family, work, and hygiene to throw your hours into the time suck of many different low tech brain dead games hooray. Of course, all Zynga games offer a chance to spend REAL money and advance yet further. That's what makes so much money for the company. And now they don't need to advertise as much because Rewardville does the cross promotion for them. And that's what pays for the skull shaped island.

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