Preparations being made for the Amulet.

Since Amazon won't confirm a name, or even the existence, of its forthcoming tablet, we're going to go ahead and name it the Amulet. Especially because that name has mystical sci-fi/fantasy connotations and we are nerds.

Couple items to talk about: is getting a facelift. NextWeb reports that the site is getting ready to become much more tablet-friendly:

Only a small number of users have been granted access to the new design, some of which have voiced their surprise on Twitter, which now sports big tablet-friendly buttons and a bigger, more prominent, search bar.
Gone are the blue menus and buttons, making way for a slicker white and grey interface that reduces clutter and makes navigation a lot easier. From the screenshots that were shared with us, Amazon has stopped its navigation menu from loading on page load, now displaying it when the user mouses-over the "Shop By Department" button.

Also, there are reports from the sporadically reliable DigiTimes that Amulet will roll out in two phases. 2011 will see a 7-inch device designed more to compete with Nook Color, 2012 will feature a 10-inch tablet meant to go up against the iPad.

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