Original CBS content on Netflix?

Original, streaming content is in the spotlight lately. Monday, Hulu premiered Battleground, which goes behind the scenes on a fictional Senate campaign. And last week, Netflix rolled out the whole season of Lilyhammer (eight episodes), starring Steven Van Zandt as a mob turncoat living in Norway, under the witness protection program. During an earnings call yesterday, CBS honcho Les Moonves hinted that his company is gearing up for a new show that won’t air on terrestrial TV; instead, it would join Lilyhammer on the Netflix roster.

From All Things D:

Moonves didn’t offer any other details on the discussions, and said he wouldn’t until there was a signed deal. Netflix offered up even less information: ‘Anyone and everyone who produces content is looking to do deals with Netflix,’ Netflix spokesman Steve Swasey said via email.

So nothing too concrete here, but the more that established content producers like CBS begin to climb on board the streaming ship, the closer we get to a new model for television. Can you hear me HBO?!? This is the future... curb your enthusiasm for the past and let everybody enjoy their true love: television.

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