Net neut rules hit the books today

The Federal Communications Commission's rules on net neutrality are finally official. The rules state that Internet Service Providers can't prefer one content provider over another by speeding up your access to stuff online. It also says wireless carriers can't block legal websites or applications (however, the rules for wireless companies are a little less strict than for ISPs - the rule does not state that wireless companies can't slow down certain content).

If there's a line to challenge these rules, Verizon will likely be first. They already tried to challenge the rule, but were tossed out of court because Big Red just filed too early. Turns out you can't challenge a rule that hasn't been published yet. There's lots of opposition from Republicans, too. So, if Congress gets any time to think about anything other than the economy, we could see some legislation about this as well.

Here's "Preserving the Open Internet" in pdf.

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Larissa Anderson is a producer for the Marketplace Tech Report and she also produces Minnesota Public Radio’s Wits.
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It took a lot of patient and concerted activism to make these rules reality. Major credit for offsetting industry pressure goes to FAIR and Free Press. Stay vigilant, folks!

The GOP believes that regulating common carriers to prevent them from abusing subscribers intrudes on the marketplace. They also favor allowing giant cable and wireless companies to merge. They would abolish the FCC if they could. Either they expect no abuses to happen or that market forces will swiftly correct them once they take place. Bwa-ha-ha!

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