Microsoft tries to capitalize on Google’s privacy issues

Some people are upset about Google’s new privacy policy that essentially links all your information from all the Google products together to form your advertising profile. That story is kind of last week but it’s beginning to be more top of mind for Google users who maybe don’t follow tech news but do notice the new terms of service pop up when they go online. Never one to miss an opportunity in a somewhat tardy fashion (ahem, phones, tablets), Microsoft is running new ads presenting itself as a Google alternative.

From Bloomberg:

“Every data point Google collects and connects to you increases how valuable you are to an advertiser,” Microsoft says in the first ad of the new campaign.
The ad also tells readers that “if these changes rub you the wrong way, please consider using our portfolio of award- winning products and services.” It then lists the Hotmail e- mail service, Bing search engine, Office 365 for online word- processing and spreadsheets, and the Internet Explorer browser.


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