Microsoft customer accounts hacked by “evil shadow”

Well, this has to be a little bit embarrassing... A group of Chinese hackers called “Evil Shadow Team” seems to have successfully hacked Microsoft’s online store in India.  They posted screenshots of usernames and passwords (obscured) that it found unencrypted on Microsoft’s site.  Evil Shadow bragged about the attack on its blog...saying the “unsafe system will be baptized” (???).  Microsoft took down the hacked site, telling users that the Microsoft store in India was temporarily not working.

Doing evil deeds? Bragging about said deeds? Sinister name like Evil Shadow? I think the next move for such a super-villian is to conveine a meeting at the Legion of Doom hatching a plan to take control of the universe's supply of Kryptonite. Somebody call the Daily Planet. I think that Kent guy knows how to get in touch with Superman.

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Stacey Vanek Smith is a senior reporter for Marketplace, where she covers banking, consumer finance, housing and advertising.


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