Microsoft’s UFC app fails

Well, it seemed like a good idea anyway. But Microsoft’s UFC app for the Xbox seems to have failed during a really huge and important UFC match. For those of you who fit the public radio stereotype and don’t know what UFC is, it’s Ultimate Fighting Championship, like boxing without the decorum and subtlety. Okay okay, it’s two guys beating the crap out of each other. But it’s a really big deal, has a lot of fans, and is becoming more popular than boxing as society descends into a Mad Max style hellscape of desperation an nihilism.

Microsoft had this cool idea of letting people watch the big Lesnar-Overeem brawl for free if they downloaded an app and entered a code. Many of those that did so encountered a glitch with the app that rendered it useless. Still a few bumps along the road toward the Xbox being a reliable living room viewing hub.

Not to mention that now Microsoft has upset a whole lot of people who enjoy watching raw human violence as entertainment. Whoops.

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