Macs not so virus-proof after all

Historically, Mac users have been incredibly smug about the fact that most viruses infect PCs instead of Macs. Their smugness, if harnessed, could power Boise for a month. But a new strain of Koobface goes after Mac, Windows, and Linux with equal malevolence. Mac folk can still feel a bit superior in that in order to really get completely infected, you have to click OK on a window that says an outside applet is trying to access your computer. But if you do that, your whole computer is essentially handed over to the bad guys. One could argue that if you click OK to something like that you get what you deserve, but there you go.

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Boy, I didn't know smug had an erg rating. On the other hand, how about setting the snark aside and addressing the actual peril in reasoned, informative terms? After all, it can be readily seen that the enemy is out to crack every personal computer that can be cracked, which means absolutely no one can be complacent or smug on any front.

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