Kiss over the Internet

It all starts with a device that features a rod. You and your partner each have one. You move the rod with your tongue, and through the magic of the internet, that movement is copied in your partner's rod-bearing device. Kissed by a rod! Of course, this is pretty rudimentary. From the San Francisco Chronicle: "Researchers hope to create an even more realistic kiss simulator that would not only recreate users' tongue movement, but also would simulate their breath patterns, taste, and tongue moisture." GROSS. I do not want to kiss a moist, flavored rod that breathes on me.

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So basically you can only do this if you practice the rare/unattractive form of the tornado tounge?!...

Oh brave new world.

Picture your fantasy guy/girl in front of you in a booth, and all the things you and your sleazy internet partner can do! A few more servos, an air pump or two! I need to get in on the ground floor of this, it will make millions! ;)

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