iTube?: Apple’s theoretical TV may feature YouTube like dealy

Hollywood sometimes has big new ideas for movies but just as often there are the same old tricks: sequels, superheroes, car chases, cartoon animals. Seems that Apple may go the same route. While the idea of an Apple-based television (some are calling it iTV already) is intriguing, apparently it may have a YouTube knock off built right in. That’s according to a new report from an analyst at Jeffires & Co.

Says Bloomberg:

User-generated video from customers who use iPads and iPhones as recorders may also play a role, giving Apple “the ability to leverage content into a YouTube-like model,” the analyst, Peter Misek, wrote in a note today. Misek, who in the note gave no time frame for the product announcement, recommends buying Apple shares.

So add that rumor to the pile of iTV rumors we have piled up here in my office. Just set it on top of the Siri Activated rumor. There you go. Man, that rumor stack is getting high. Hope it doesn’t fall over. 

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