How do you slow the world’s population growth? With Internet population grown.

Here’s a crackpot theory based on a hunch I just dreamed up: if more people start making Google eyes at their computer screen than googly eyes at their mate, maybe we could slow down our population growth. The folks over at Pingdom have determined the number of worldwide Internet users to be 2.27 billion, roughly twice of the 1.1 billion from just five years prior. It jokingly notes that if the rate keeps doubling every five years, every man, woman and child on earth would have be connected by the end of the decade.

The biggest increases showed up in Asia - up 143%, the Middle East - up 294%, and Africa - up 319%. North America rounded out the bottom, inching up 17%. Pingdom also notes, “Asia’s Internet population is now almost as large as the entire Internet population was 5 years ago,” which corroborates the story we wrote about yesterday that showed a huge increase in the amount of spam in India.

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