Google pulls "Is My Son Gay?" app from Android

It was a sort of quiz you filled out that would allegedly tell you if someone was gay. The app had come under heavy fire from LGBT groups for being homophobic. It had come under widespread mockery for apparently being stupid since it featured such questions as "does he read thesports pages?" and "does he care about how he dresses?" But here's the thing: the app was conceived as a joke by a gay author to promote a book he's writing.

From CNET:

"He developed the program in part to help promote an upcoming comedic novel, also titled 'Is My Son Gay?' which treats 'difficult moments for families to go through, such as coming out' with 'fun and humor,'" the Queerty post said. "The Android Market site still carries other apps like 'R U Gay Quiz' and the 'Gaydar Radar,' which identifies homos based on their pictures. But unlike "Is My Son Gay?" both of the aforementioned apps state upfront that their product is a joke."

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