Google’s building a privacy “red team”

Whether you believe that Google’s privacy efforts are sincere or a ruse, you have to believe that “Red Team” is a pretty awesome distinction. Google has begun recruiting Red Team Squadron (I kind of embellished that name) with this advertisement:

Top candidates will have an intimate knowledge of the inner workings of modern web browsers and computer networks, enjoy analyzing software designs and implementations from both a privacy and security perspective, and will be recognized experts at discovering and prioritizing subtle, unusual, and emergent security flaws.

Google isn’t the first company to put together a department like this but it will be timely for Google since the company is always the target of investigations and various charges that it tramples privacy in the rush to index all world information. And any publicity about its efforts, even from the smart-alecky Marketplace Tech Report, is publicity it wants so that it can show it’s trying.
Personally, I just hope that all members of this team get red jumpsuits.

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