Galaxy S III revealed

Yesterday was the big unveiling of Samsung’s Galaxy S III, the smartphone being perhaps the most hyped as the flagship Android competitor to the iPhone. Some people will be doctrinaire Apple fans no matter what, others swear a blood oath of loyalty to Android, but for the agnostics, a side by side comparison is helpful.

While iPhone has Siri, Galaxy S III has what’s called S Voice, a very similar program. You can talk to it, have it schedule appointments, send text messages, and lots of things that Siri does.

In terms of screen size, Galaxy S III is way bigger: 4.8 inches compared to 3.5 on the iPhone. It’s almost a tablet. So videos and games will be larger but the whole thing is bulkier. The Samsung model is lighter, however, by a tenth of an ounce (if you notice the difference, you’re lying).

Gizmodo gives a summary of the specs of both and concludes thusly:

On paper? Give the Galaxy S III the edge for specs, but don't count out the power of Apple's popular ecosystem. It's also way too early to make any final judgments; the Galaxy SIII won't be out in the US until the summer, and the next iPhone—one with a whole new suite of specs and tricks—will be hot on its heels. What Samsung's done, though, is put out a great-looking phone with some intriguing features. Ones that we can't wait to play with soon.

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