G+ expansion: What's he building in there?

What we're seeing here more and more is the expansion of the meaning of Google+ and perhaps some realization that to judge it as a Facebook competitor is unfair and inaccurate. It's a social system that creeps through all other parts of Google and thus search and the internet. Those areas of Google that did not work with +, like Labs and Buzz, have been killed recently. People use some sort of Google constantly and that's exposing those people not just to Google+ as a social option but as a platform.
In yesterday's memo, we called attention to Google's Vic Gundotra's speech at the Web 2.0 Summit where he said pseudonyms would soon be allowed on the service.

The New York Times has more:

By the end of the year, Google+ will work with more Google products, he said, so when someone wants to share a YouTube video, for instance, it will be easy to share it with a Google+ Circle directly from YouTube. The integration between Google+ and Google Apps will happen in the next few days, he said.
"When we're done, Google is going to come across as a beautifully integrated set of services," Mr. Gundotra said.

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I just got a Samsung Galaxy S2 and I really like the Google integration. I have nothing against Google. They give me free professional voice navigation, automatically upload pics from my camera to my Google + account and I love the calendar integration as well. I have no regrets after I switched from my iPhone 3G. With Ice Cream Sandwich coming soon, I am really happy with my decision too.

Mr. Gundotra said...“When we’re done, Google is going to come across as a beautifully integrated set of services,”

When we're DONE??? First, why is Google releasing products/services that don't play with OTHER Google toys if they're "not done" yet and second, when is ANYTHING in this industry "done?"

IMHO, I'm about "done" with Google as anything but a great search engine...which it is, and that really should be enough.

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