Disney has this crazy new bonkers thing it’s doing with touch controls

It’s called Touché and it turns everything into a touchscreen.Touchscreens are essentially a binary proposition: either you’re touching them or you’re not and the screen responds accordingly. Touché blows that out all nutso. Sensors are able to be distributed all over the place and they’re much more intelligent compared to what’s already out there.

Says Extreme Tech:

Touché is the same, but instead of a single frequency being used, a range of frequencies is constantly swept through, developing what Disney calls a “capacitive profile.” Touching an object with one finger creates a certain capacitive profile, while two fingers (or a grasp, or a flat palm) creates different profiles.

Anything could be a “smart” something:

Imagine a bathtub that detects when your head hits the water, or likewise, a swimming pool that detects a young child who can’t swim. With Touché, you could create a doorknob that only opens if you grasp it in a special way — or a bookcase that only swings back to reveal your secret laboratory if you grab the right book with exactly the right grip. Imagine a mouse that a) knows who is currently using the computer, and b) responds to different grips. Maybe a five-finger “claw” could lower the DPI (sniping mode), while palming the mouse might enable “relaxed” mode with different button assignments.

So do you understand? A little? Not completely? Same here. You can take five minutes to watch this video and maybe get a little closer.

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