Dish Network buys Blockbuster

Dish Networks is spending $228 million in cash for the assets of the once mighty home video chain. You know Blockbuster right? Eerily empty place you drive by sometimes without stopping? The company is in bankruptcy and Dish Network won an auction to acquire it. And...why? Probably the digital content, which they can use to bolster their own streaming offerings. As for the remaining retail stores, which, like Bruce Willis in The Sixth Sense, don't even realize they're dead? Well maybe they can have a fire sale on Raisinets and Twilight posters.

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I think that taking the offer and DISH buying out Blockbuster was a great idea. It may sell DISH but would you think it is a bad idea to attract more customers with Blockbuster? I think it was smart. Working for DISH myself I see things like this all the time happen. Now our new customers to DISH will receive 3 months free with Blockbuster. So that means they are getting unlimited movies, games and TV shows through the mail free! On top of that you get 5 in-store movie exchanges. I think that is a good deal and the prices aren't high at all. You get older movies for $.99 and the newer movies for $1.99 to $2.99. Keep in mind that we get some of the movies 28 days before Red Box or Netflix. I think it is a great deal that DISH did.

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