From the Department of "Oh, you mean I could actually be harming people?", LulzSec's evolving conscience

Hacker group LulzSec says they're going to hold off on releasing the 4GB of emails they claimed to have procured from the servers of the British tabloid The Sun. You'll recall that these emails were first going to be released last Tuesday. Then, LulzSec planned to partner with media organizations (a single tear rolls down my cheek as I stare at my unringing phone) to put them out in increments much like Wikileaks does. NOW they're going to hold off some more because they feel it might jeopardize the News International investigations.

I love this.

LulzSec has the ego to consider their own place in the flow of official investigations. When what they are is thieves. Whether you consider their actions justified or not, they're thieves.

And in the "see what happens when you organize" department, AnonPlus, the recently launched social networking site started by hacking group Anonymous, has been hacked.

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