DARPA’s high speed Internet for soldiers in the field

DARPA, the Defense Advance Research Projects Agency, is a highly innovative office of the Pentagon and its always coming up with these really amazing ways to kill people, spy on people, or spy on people with the intent of killing them later on. But one of its newer projects is all about Internet accessibility for soldiers in remote places and it might have some uses stateside one day. Essentially, it’s a method of delivering high speed access that you might get from a series of towers except without the towers.
Says Engadget:

DARPA has $11.8 million set aside for its Mobile Hotspots program which will use millimeter-wave signals to deliver high-speed data connections to dismounted soldiers, forward-operating bases and tactical centers. Most importantly, each node in the network extends its range building out a mesh that isn't reliant on existing infrastructure. 

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