Consumer Reports reveals that we’re pretty darn stupid on Facebook

Stop the presses! People aren’t being very bright on Facebook! I know, I know, that’s nothing all that shocking, people are always doing dumb stuff all over the place. But Consumer Reports has a new consumer report out that shows 13 million Americans on Big Face haven’t done thing number one in regard to their privacy settings.

Among other whoopsies, according to the MSNBC write-up:

- 4.7 million “liked” a Facebook page about health conditions or treatments (details an insurer might use against you).

- 4.8 million have used Facebook to say where they planned to go on a certain day (a potential tip-off for burglars)

- 20.4 million included their birth date, which can be used by identity thieves

- 39.3 million identified family members in their profile

- 900K discussed finances on their wall

A lot of the stuff people do here are kind of glaring mistakes but some are things that are open to interpretation. I mean, just letting people know that you have a job potentially indicates that you won’t be at home during regular business hours.

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