Charlie blows the whistle on Apple, gets kicked off Apple

Security firm Accuvant Labs says it's exposed a potential flaw in Apple apps, which would allow hackers to take over iPhones and other devices running its operating system. Charlie Miller, an Accuvant employee and developer of Apple apps, posted a video demonstrating flaw. Even if you don't understand all the techie terms Miller throws around, it's still pretty easy to follow and worth four minutes of your time. After the news broke, Apple promptly revoked Miller's developer status. The whole story has a kind of underworld soap opera feel, but the bottom line is that your iPhone, at least for now, might be more at risk of attack than it was yesterday. Reuters reports: "Miller, who in 2009 identified a bug in the iPhone text-messaging system that allowed attackers to gain remote control over the devices, said that he had contacted the company about the vulnerability.

'They are in the process of fixing it,' he said."

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They shouldn't have punished this guy - they should have hired him! How typical of the arrogant tech top dog company. This is the kind of head in the sand attitude that leads companies to ruin.

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